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John Avitia

Resume and Job Interview hacks simplified! Optimize Resume/Cover letter, Nail the Interview, & Get Your Dream Job.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Get Your Dream Job
  • Build a stellar resume and answer questions in a format that impresses interviewing managers
  • Be confident during an interview
  • Leverage the Pre-screen call hacks
  • Know the key elements of building a cover letter
  • How to construct a follow up message
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) system workarounds
  • ...And More More

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Branding, Chartered accounting, Coaching, Compensation, Copywriting, Goal Setting, Human resources, Interviewing, LinkedIn, Marketing, Media, Negotiation skills, Organization, Promotions

    About this course

    Your Resume Will Give You an Unfair Advantage 

    Resumes Can Change Your Life…Or Leave You Stuck in a Mediocre Job.  This is more than a resume/interview course… it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

    From the desk of John Avitia, M.B.A.  A Self-promotion and personal branding expert.

    It doesn’t matter why you’re here. Maybe you lost your job and are panicking not knowing where your next paycheck will come from. Maybe you’re a high level executive tired of your boss or the bureaucracy of a large company. Or it might be that you’re just looking for something different, something better.

    You want a better job. It could be more money because you know you’re underpaid and you’re worth more than what you’re earning. It could also be that you work ten hours per day and the boss, employees or customers text you, email you and even call you after working hours and on weekends. You want more time for yourself and your family. More time to play golf or do whatever you want.

    You know it’s not just about the money. It’s about what you give for the money. Do you give your life, your health, your emotions?  Are you tired or stressed out when you get home? How long does it take you to unwind form your job? Do you know how much you could be making if you worked for an incredible boss doing incredible work? 

    That’s why you’re here. To get the maximum pay working for an incredible boss, a mentor, doing a job that challenges you and helps you grow. That’s what I call a dream job. 

    I found such a job once and it helped me catapult my career to six figures at the age of 22. Two years later I was running multiple locations; two years after that I was running a region with 500 people under me.  How did this happen? I found a great boss in a great company. This is why you’re here. To have the right tools: a resume, a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, and killer job interview skills.

    Let’s start with Life-Changing job advice…

    Do you know how to negotiate for maximum value? Do you know which companies pay the most? How about where you can make more money faster? This is important if you want to maximize your earning potential. Think about it. You’re already getting up in the morning, getting dressed, preparing to go to work. driving back and forth from work and spending your time and energy. You’ll do this no matter what. Why not get paid the most for what you’re doing.

    So, what’s the advice?

    You should interview bosses, not the other way around…

    Yes, that’s right. With a great resume and LinkedIn account you should get maximum exposure and attention. This will allow you to have several options and interview the person you want to work with. Ensuring a good work environment and a boss that is more a mentor than a boss. A boss that will help you succeed and maximize your earning potential.

    I remember one of my mentors telling me, take one step at a time.  First create a resume that gets attention, second prepare for your pre-screen, third look the part during your job interview, fourth learn to answer interview questions and leave a lasting impressions, and last, sales are won in the follow up once all others are forgotten.

    • How can you find the right mentor (boss) and the right company?
    • How can you have an unfair advantage over all other applicants?
    • This is what you’ll get when you go through this training…..

    I'm passionate about your dreams. I know a job is not something you do. It’s something that takes more than half of your day. Your job can be the difference between happiness and being miserable. It can even hurt your relationships at home. I take coaching very seriously.  It’s not just how to write your resume. It’s giving you the best shot at happiness through your next job. 

    Be sure you’re working with the best possible coach. I know your resume is not the only thing that you'll need. You need all the tools to land your perfect job. I call it Personal Branding.

    I work with CEO’s and high level executives all over the world on their personal brand. I mentor them in masterminds and group coaching sessions virtually or where they fly to San Diego, California to sit with me and talk about their brand and their company’s marketing. I charge a lot for this and I have heavy hitters in our groups.

    The same coaching that works with these high-powered executives will work with you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for your course. You'll get the training, know-how, job interview skills, negotiating power, and LinkedIn profile tips at an incredible price. How can I do that? How can we provide incredible  service at the same price others charge for just writing a resume? Simple, I'm doing this to give back.  

    The profit I make from this isn't enough to pay my groceries for the month; however, I've made my money on this over the last decade and I know it works.  It would be a disservice for me to not publish this because my rates are no longer affordable.  My daily rate ranges from $3,000 - $5,000 depending on the project and nobody should be paying me that for resume and job interview tips.  I don't say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that I was there too.  These hacks allowed me to position myself for positions that I eventually grew into and led to me earning multiple six figure jobs. Now people pay me for what I've learned over the years and I'm hoping you'll take the same route, but you must follow the process.  

    Now this training is used to educate my boys on how to build an info-product and they use the money for their projects. They are also required to use a percentage of the profits to sponsor 6th graders who come from low income and can't afford to go to camp.  This is a project I began 2 years ago and I've been doubling the amount of sponsored kids since.  I was once sponsored and I'm happy to give back.

    If you land a good paying job after this and would like to sponsor a student or partial sponsorship please let me know. The money doesn't have to go to me, it can go straight to the school and you get your write-off...but back to the subject.

    Your New Resume and Personal Brand

    You’ll learn to revise your cover letter, resume, follow up letter and LinkedIn profile all in the same course. You’ll also get the tools, training, strategies, tricks and tips for job interviews and to get directly to the decision makers of any company. 

    This is much more than just a resume training. You’ll get the visibility that you want from recruiters, head hunters and human resource departments looking online for people just like you. You get all of this plus a killer resume and all the training you need.

    Why LinkedIn 

    LinkedIn is where the money is. You must have an incredible LinkedIn profile that recruiters and potential employers visit every single day. It’s like showing up to a job interview with a two-thousand-dollar suit. Your potential employer knows he’ll have to pay you top dollar as soon as you walk in.  Your LinkedIn profile has to contain the right copywriting, the right keywords and the correct media to be ranked high on LinkedIn. You also need to belong to the correct groups in the right industry to maximize exposure.  

    What do you get your training? 

    Resume tweaks with the best practices to achieve your employment goals.   Complete Training for landing your dream job. This is a two + hour module training that covers job interviews, self-promotion, and the strategies to reach decision makers with your resume at any company.  I've personally looked at over 20,000 resumes and interviewed over 2,000 applicants in over a decade span.  I now consult businesses on their hiring practices and I've reversed engineered the process for you.

    I'm RESULTS ORIENTED and so is my course (here are 3 examples of many graduates): 

    • Kevin S. from CA, earning 30k more
    • Kristen G. from IL, been promoted 3X
    • Luis M. from NV, 2X his income

    This heavily Discounted Course includes all you need to catapult yourself in your Resume Submission.  It’s like having me personally coach you at your pace.

    I sell the services below individually for over $700. Why am I doing this? I’m testing this platform & you benefit! Once I generate a few reviews and create demand through my affiliates I plan on doubling the price for the second phase, and a third to it's original $297 online price.

    Your Service Include:

    • Resume Coach (value of $250/hr)
    • Cover Letter Tips (value of $47)
    • LinkedIn Tips ($49)
    • Job Interview Training (value of $397)
    • Hacks (priceless)
    • 30-day money back guarantee!!! (that's just good service)

    I don’t want to send you unprepared to a job interview. This is why I make everything available to you...So what's included?

    Welcome to H.I.R.E.D. – The phenomenal 5-Step systematic course that alleviates the stress of resume building, Job interviewing, follow-up, and getting the job…You can, you will, you’ll see!

    H.I.R.E.D. Module Breakdown:

    H - Phase 1(Introduction)

    • Honest - What do you really want?  What do others approach you for?  What comes easy?  What’s been preventing you from taking action?
    • Help Yourself - Your Resume is your 1st and maybe only impression...Create a great Resume!      
    • Hard Work pays - It’s simple, but not easy.  This may be your highest ROI, front load the work and reap the benefits.  That's what good resume writers do

    I - Phase 2

    • Intriguing - Resume Formatting
    • Influential - Resume Objective, Be brief and Bold
    • Intelligent - Resume Skill Bank and Education/Certifications/Licenses

    R - Phase 3

    • Resume Recall - What did you accomplish at each of your employers?  How did...?
      • Quantify - exact #, margin, frequency, scalability
    • Resourceful - LinkedIn Job Interview cheats...Look up profiles of people in the role and connect, find friends in common  
    • Resume Optimizer - This alone is worth more than the course.  Get your resume through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    E - Phase 4

    • Enthusiastic - Mindset Exercise...Getting Interview Ready!
    • Efficient - Format, STAR responses during the Job interview
    • Experience - Story Building stories for your Job interview from your resume

    D - Phase 5

    • Desirable - What to wear, grooming, what to bring with you to the Job interview
    • Disciplined - Follow up and keep going.  Landing your dream career is your part time job until you get the one you want!
    • Deliver - Once you get hired, you're interviewing for the next role...Keep tweaking that Resume!

    Don't wait, with a 30 - day money back guarantee, I'm taking all the risk.  Worse case you know you're contributing to both the youth entrepreneur spirit and towards a good cause.  Wish you the very best in your training :)

    Warm Regards,

    John Avitia, M.B.A.- Certified Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer, & Interview/Resume Guru :)

    P.S. - I decided to add a Bonus Module with Salary Negotiation Tips & Tricks that helped me...The knowledge of this alone pays for this course.  Enjoy!


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