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Peter Twist

How To Make Money From Flipping Websites & Domain Names

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn How To Search For Profitable Websites & Domain Names
  • Build A Profitable Portfolio of Websites & Domain Names
  • The Risks Involved
  • Where To Find Websites & Domain Names
  • Deciding Where & When To Sell

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    Organization, Profitability, Research, Swift, Teaching, Travel

    About this course

    Website Flipping & Profitable Domain Name Speculation - Flipping Domain names For Profit

    UPDATED 2019


    Anything that has the word 'speculation' in it can be a bit scary.

    We associate the word with people taking crazy chances and losing all  their money. It's true, most have warnings saying that the value of what  you buy can go down as well as up.  So when I mention domain name  speculation you will either think of people buying domain names for  crazy amounts of money then losing their shirts, or others buying domain  names really cheaply then making a killing buy selling a well known  name to a big conglomerate.

    We're not talking about 'cyber-squatting' here where you buy a domain only to try to blackmail  someone into paying you a high ransom for it. Big companies with  protected trademarks can easily make you get down on your knees and hand  trademarked names for nothing! Well, these are both extreme views, just  like other forms of speculation if you learn the right tricks and  techniques and don't try to 'reinvent the wheel' you have just as much  as the next person to make some good money.

    Of course, to achieve this you have to do some homework, you don't just want to run up to the  table and throw away all your money on one bet! The most successful  speculators study the markets, plan carefully and don't expose  themselves to unnecessary risks.  They put together a balanced portfolio  based on various markets and risks associated with them.

    With domain name speculation you can do the same, for example don't choose  domain names associated with just one market or niche, ie travel agents  and hotels, garages and car sales. If you study the markets you can  build up a nice portfolio based on a cross-section of markets. Decide  what kind of domains to buy, for etc Sometimes a  domain name with a hyphens can be good, a keyword rather than a company  name etc.

    Also timing is another factor to take into account, if you find what you think is a good name, it may well be that a new  version is coming out soon so perhaps that's a good time to  sell them on and put your money into some new names rather than keep  hanging on for the 'big one' Don't just rely on the information provided  by the seller, if you take the time it's really easy to gather convert  information that isn't really obvious when you come across a domain that  looks 'too good to be true'

    So don't get carried away before you do your homework, be level-headed about your speculation and don't rush  into a deal. There are some good places to do your research and homework  as well as auction sites to buy and sell. Domain name speculation can  be very rewarding and profitable, done the right way, it can be a  long-term business through all types of economic situations too as long  as you don't see it as making a 'quick buck' Although there are many  people investing in this area, it's nowhere near as competitive  as  other ares of speculation and if you take the time to educate yourself  with the right knowledge and use the correct tools, this could be a  serious long-term business for you. Happy speculation for the future!


    Swipe my personal strategies to cash in on big paydays by flipping any website I have at my disposal, for 10-12 times the price of my monthly income from these sites!

    I don't consider myself an 'expert' or highly intelligent - and this is exactly why you should listen to me: if someone like me can pull this off, I have reason to believe ANYONE else can too! (that includes YOU!)

    You don't necessarily need to have websites right now to start using this guide. I will also teach you how to build sites from scratch, in the fastest time possible, and flip these new sites for big profits.

    The Flipping Code is broken down into 5 easy-to-follow videos, teaching you how to build and sell websites and see big paydays!


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