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Lucas Ridley

Create stunning data visualization and learn 3D animation in Autodesk Maya to impress at your next presentation.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Be able to create four types of data visualizations in 3D: line graph, bar graph, pie chart, and map data.
  • Learn the basics of animation inside Maya
  • Light and render 3D images as stills or movie files
  • Manipulate map images in Photoshop to use inside Maya as textures
  • Composite 3D images inside After Effects to export as movies
  • Download the exercise files and use them to study

    Skills you will learn

    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Animation, Autodesk Maya, Data visualization, Lecturing, Photoshop, Presentation, Presentation skills

    About this course

    If you want to start your journey to learn 3D animation, take your data visualization to the next level, or just impress everyone at your next presentation, this course is for you! I believe the best way to learn 3D is not by me just listing off every single tool, but by taking a project-based approach like this course so you can learn from actually building something you can use in your day-to-day life. 

    Who Am I?

    My name is Lucas Ridley and I work in the film and commercial industry animating on such commercials and films as The Clash of Clans, Transformers, Suicide Squad, and the latest Spielberg movie Ready Player One (which is also a great book btw). Take a look at my profile to see some of my work.

    Don't be intimidated by 3D!

    I know it's an intimidating idea to learn 3D because I struggled to learn it when I began but I will walk you through exactly what buttons to press, concepts to begin to understand, and pitfalls to avoid to achieve the same results you see from the 4 examples in the preview video.

    Why Maya?

    Maya is the industry standard in film and commercials. Over the past several years I've worked at over 7 different studios, big and small, and they all use Maya for their 3D work. We will also cover using the Arnold renderer as it is now shipped with Autodesk Maya. In addition, we will use Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to aid us in completing some finals renders out of Maya and to manipulate the map texture for the final series.


    The course is broken down into 4 sections of ascending difficulty:

    • Line Graph
    • Bar Graph
    • Pie Chart
    • Maps

    Each section will cover a different method and technique inside Maya so the course will make the most sense starting from the beginning and watch each lesson in order. However, if you only need to learn how to make a pie chart, for example, you should be able to skip to that section and only watch that series of lessons and still be able to follow along to make only a pie chart.

    I'm excited to share this course with you and introduce you to 3D. If you already know a little 3D or Maya you will still have plenty to learn as I cover some creative solutions to problems I haven't seen covered anywhere else. Thanks for enrolling!


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