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Shaveen Bandaranayake

Learn how to effectively read, decipher and attempt examination and assignment questions in Constitutional Law!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • You will learn be able to confidently approach an examination question
  • Understand how to apply the Law to your arguments
  • Achieve a greater understanding of how to incorporate "Spider Graphs" into attempting problem and essay questions

    About this course

    Ace Constitutional Law: How to Answer Questions Effectively!

    Whether you are a new student starting Constitutional Law this year or someone who is just about to sit for your Constitutional Law examinations, "The Law Simplified" course on Acing Constitutional Law will give you the tools you need to successfully attempt and ace your examinations!

    Many students who study the Law, find it difficult to understand as to how to apply the theory they've learned into an examination question. This comprehensive course aims to, with examples, showcase how to do the following:

    • Effectively breakdown and analyze a question presented to you
    • Structure your answers in a manner which is cohesive and impressive
    • Utilize "Spider Graphs" to visually decipher which path is most appropriate to take in answering a question in Contract Law

    This course has been adapted to suit the needs of LLB students worldwide! 

    Remember, this is not a substitute for thorough learning, but it will be a great resource for students who want to understand how to apply the Law, into real-world problem question scenarios. 


    - A guided series of video lectures showcasing examination techniques in practice

    - Digestible chunks of knowledge: everything you need to know on each topic, simplified 

    - Downloadable "spider graphs" that will give you the bigger picture of the subject 

    - A set of sample questions and answers to provide context and guidance


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