3.5 hours



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Vivian Harte

Go From Shy to Bold

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Change your thoughts from self-defeating, negative ones to uplifting, positive ones
  • Quickly be able to write your own affirmations and use them and visualization to modify the pictures in your mind
  • Have greater confidence when interviewing for a job, speaking up in meetings, making presentations, and requesting a raise
  • Stop being a perfectionist and start being a high achiever
  • Build effective relationships at work with your co-workers and boss

    Skills you will learn

    Confidence, Interviewing, Lecturing, Presentation, Presentation skills, Professional, Self-Confidence

    About this course

    Achieve Self-Confidence for Success at Work is the perfect course for you if you’re having trouble getting ahead at work or feel you’re walked all over. In this course, I teach you the difference between low and high self-confidence and how to transform your thoughts and the pictures in your mind so you feel self-confident from the inside. You’ll learn how to identify the right type of job for your personality, do a bang-up job at work, and how to speak up in meetings. And more than that, you’ll gain the skills to confidently ask for a raise and feel self-assured when giving a presentation. Some people suffer from being perfectionists where they do their best to do everything just right and not make a single mistake. You’ll understand the difference between being a perfectionist and a healthier high achiever and how to modify your behavior to make the change. Do you have a habit of saying yes when a co-worker asks you to do extra work or passively allow others to criticize you with no cause? If so, you’re a passive personality, and your co-workers are taking advantage of you. You’ll learn the four types of “I” statements that assertive people commonly use to express their opinions as well as their wants and needs. You’ll also gain the knowledge of improving your relationships with your co-workers on personal and professional levels and dealing with a difficult boss.


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