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Jeremy Hazel

Skills you will learn

Adobe Photoshop, Arts, Drawing, Illustration, Photoshop, Sketch

About this course

In this course we take a look at one of the most dynamic forms of art in Affinity Designer…..the Pixel persona. Pixel art is similar to those things we do in Photoshop, Procreate, or a variety of other programs for digital drawing. The combination of vector and pixel art makes Affinity Designer a powerful tool for organic sketching in this lesson we cover the following aspects of AD in the pixel persona  

  • Persona Interface
  • Selection  
  • Brushes

We will also be covering some of the tools of professional artists like:

  • Adjusting existing brushes
  • Creating brushes from scratch

In this course we will be creating brushes for later use in Affinity Designer, and working to understand the selection capabilities that make the pixel persona so much fun   

  • How to create a round and linear repeating brush
  • How to create a bokeh brush for later use

This course will allow you to create pixel-based brushes for sale on marketplaces and help you customize your brushes to really mark your style apart even when using pre-made brushes

This is part of a weekly release series designed to take a massive program and break it into smaller digestible pieces, so don't forget to subscribe, we will be releasing one new module a week exclusively on skillshare 

All the downloads for the course are included and the project is outlined below.....don't forget to email or message with course questions ......and above all enjoy 


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