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Louay Zambarakji

Skills you will learn

Adobe After Effects, Animation, Video

About this course

CLASS 1/18 - After Effect 2016 - Complete Tutorial from Novice to Expert

Creating Your First Motion Graphics Video

This is the first Class from the entire course. In this Class you will start creating your first Video.

You will learn about Compositions, Shapes and Text and How to animate in After Effects. You will move on to start creating layers and animating your graphics.

Together we will create your first project in After Effects.You will learn:

  1. Designing your layout
  2. Animating layers
  3. Sequencing your animation
  4. Finally you will get to produce your first video


The final step:

A practice project you should try to create on your own. Yet in the last video I will show how I did it.

Try to do it even better.


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