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Learn the Important Underlying Concept of Functions in Mathematics

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Have a strong foundation and understanding of functions
  • Have a strong foundation of the underlying concepts of calculus

    Skills you will learn

    Composition, Mathematics

    About this course

    This course teaches you all the important underlying concepts in functions in Mathematics. The knowledge that you gain here can be further completed in our next courses towards a complete mastery of calculus. 

    This course covers the following topics: 

    • Function and Function Notation
    • Domain and Range of Functions
    • Rates of Change and Behavior of Graphs
    • Composition of Functions
    • Transformation of Functions
    • Absolute Value Functions
    • Inverse Functions

    As described above, this course can also be taken in combination with our other courses in this course series. If you're interested in learning mathematics with us all the way up to calculus, please read our "Mathematics" page on "Greatitcourses" website. 


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