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Dániel Csíkos

Skills you will learn


About this course

This mathematics course has mainly been created for students currently learning algebra or related subjects at college/university. In this course, you are going to find everything that you must know about complex numbers.

Objective of the Course

The main objective of the course is to help you be able to deal with the technical part any kind of (mathematical or engineering) problems including complex numbers.

What will I learn?

  • The algebraic, trigonometric and exponential form of complex numbers
  • Conversion between different forms
  • Operations with complex numbers
  • Plotting complex numbers
  • Solving equations containing complex numbers
  • Factoring polynomials with real or complex coefficients

What do I need to know to start the course?

A basic pre-calculus knowledge is enough. The course starts from scratch and take you through the topics in small steps.

How to make the most of this course?

There are several practice problems that you can solve by yourself. I suggest solving those problems after watching the lectures of each topic!


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