5.5 hours



Any Level




Abdul Wali

Learn to create a Game from scratch for Android and Windows platforms in Urdu/Hindi.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Start building games for Android and Windows platforms using Unity 3D in Urdu/Hindi
  • Become a game developer by learning Android Game development in less than a week
  • Learn the basics and advances of Game development using Unity 3D for Android and Windows

    Skills you will learn

    Android, Development, Documentation, Hardware, Training

    About this course

    Android and Windows game development using Unity 3D is a complete step by step training in Urdu/Hindi which will provide you the basic and complete environment to create games for Android and Windows in no time. 

    The Content of the Course 

    This course takes you from absolutely basic concept of game creation for Android and Windows. You'll learn to create the documentation for the game as well as set up the necessary hardware and software before creating the game itself. 

    You'll also learn downloading and installing the Unity 3D software which is used for creating beautiful games for adults and kids. After the game has been learned and created, you'll learn to release it on Windows platform as well as Android Platform. 

    Who is this Course for? 

    If you are someone who is simply struggling with how to create a simple game or application for windows and android then this course will be a perfect fit for you. The course targets beginners and intermediate users. The course provides A to Z steps for creating your first game using Unity 3D. 


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