2 hours



Any Level




Tamika Barrow

Explore Several Art Styles, Tools, and Techniques

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn a fresh approach in creating Expressive Abstract Paintings, Mixed Media, Art Journal Projects, and Collages.
  • Learn how to intertwine all sorts of genres of Art to create wildly different Expressive Art pieces.
  • Gain insight into some of the Old Master Techniques and Secrets to enhance and expand your knowledge and skill set.

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Color Theory, Media

    About this course

    Lets embark on a journey to enhance your art style.  There is a lot to discover when utilizing imagination techniques, using intuition to create art, and exploring your own visual voice.  From the basics to advanced you will see how all of the information in this class is beneficial for you in enhancing your overall creative and artistic style. 

    In this course there are 9 Main Lectures and 9 Co-Lectures consisting of several Video Demonstrations, useful Class Exercises, and PDFs.  

    This series will benefit Artists of all skill levels to enhance their creative and artistic style.  Whether you want to paint for fun or as a professional this class is for you!  

    In Series 1 we will discuss:

    • Color Theory
    • Elements of Art & Principles of Design
    • Emotional Color Theory
    • Unique Tools
    • Past and Present Day Artists
    • Art Journaling
    • Imagination
    • Collage
    • Portfolio

    If you join now you'll be on your way to enhancing your Art style today!


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