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Mohammed mohcine chaban

Learn how to get Subtitles (SRT) file automatically: reduce time & cost working without any efforts And improve SEO Rank

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn how to get and make SRT files automatically.
  • Learn how to perfectly synchronize their text to Videos automatically.
  • Learn how to shift subtitles
  • Learn How To Convert Your SRT Files To Any Other Format
  • Learn how to Merge your video with subtitles
  • Learn how to embed their subtitles into videos
  • Learn how to add effects and colors to the subtitles
  • Learn how to add subtitles to Youtube and increase SEO Rank

    Skills you will learn

    Translation, Video, YouTube

    About this course

     Hello Guys, welcome to our course

     Join my community of over 2000 students learning my courses!

    My course is going to give one of the best secret to "Making Subtitles" and get SRT File automatically for free by easy way 

    This course is designed to reduce your time on working transcribe, and translate by this magic way that I’ll give you in course you just getting Auto SRT files and merging with your video

    Of course by this way improve your YouTube video search result rank (SEO) by the use of subtitles & closed captions (CC)

    So in this course you will learn:

    1. The right way to get SRT file Automatically.
    2. Generate the SRT file.
    3. Edit the synchronization of the SRT to a perfect match.
    4. Add Effects to your subtitle.
    5. Embed Merging the subtitle to the video.

    In addition to the curriculum and the things you will learn in the course, you will also get the following benefits by taking this course:

    • Full and lifetime access to the course
    • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free
    • My help is available to you, if you get stuck or have a question
    • Get discounts to my other YouTube courses

    Enroll now by pressing the “Take This Course" button at the top right, as you will be able to getting Auto Subtitles SRT file.


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