1 hours







Expected learning & outcomes

What a musical bar is and looks like
What Beats Per minute is (BPM)
The Quarter note and Quarter rest
The 8th note and 8th rest
The 16 note and 16th rest
Drum lesson how to use the notes you've learned
Major Scale and Minor scale
Major chord and Minor chords
Chordal progression and their uses

Skills you will learn

Business Process Modeling, Music, Production management

About this course

Basic Music Theory for Music production is way to speak the language musicians speak.

You will no longer be left out of the conversation when the drummer is talking to the guitar player about a song.

You will not only be able to jump in but you will be able to tell other musicians exactly what you want. You will even

be able to write it down and give it to who ever speaks the language of music.

Basic knowledge
You really don't need any knowledge of music
This course will show you the apples and oranges of how to read and write
basic sentences in music


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