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Marie Atkinson

How to Create a Vision for Your Future

Expected learning & outcomes

Once you have completed this course you will have the knowledge, skills and the techniques in how to take your life to another level.

Skills you will learn

Arts, Concentration, Networks, Travel

About this course

Hosted and written by Marie Atkinson, 'Chopra Center Certified Instructor.'

A sure way to create a life with greater quality and meaning is to learn the art of meditation and then use these skills of awareness and observation to rise above habitual patterns and create a vision for your future.  When you meditate you disconnect from your habitual patterns, you leave your past behind, you leave behind your comfort zone and you enter the unknown.  This is where we create from.  And as you probably know, the way you think has a profound effect on your life.  In fact, your thoughts, those neural networks in the brain, create your destiny.

The course is in 4 modules. 

The first module will take you on a journey to free your mind from limiting beliefs.  We’ll travel from the reality of the five senses, expand our mind and move into pure potentiality where you hold the pen that writes the next chapter to your life.

Module two is to extend your knowledge and understanding of the science behind perceptions, the practice of meditation and how this practice changes you from not only an emotional and mental level but also at a physiological level.  This is an essential module for the sceptics amongst us and for those who doubt the power of meditation and its profound effects.

We will then spend the next module on travelling through the higher states of consciousness. 

There are four guided meditations in this course.  These practical sessions mainly focus on transporting energy through the body, which from a science perspective increases the electromagnetic bio field that emanates from our physical body.  These meditations are a key aspect to changing and resetting your very state of being.  And when we surrender to this practice, when we let go of judgments and opinions, we connect with something far greater than ourselves.

And module four is devoted to creating a vision for your future.  All of us want to in some way improve the quality of our life so this module is purely focused on manifesting the life of your dreams and desires. 

This course is about going beyond the realm of our habitual patterns.  It’s about unleashing your potential.  It’s about stepping out of the familiar, well-worn comfort zones and giving the unknown a chance to dance in your life, otherwise known as taking a risk!

Marie Atkinson


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