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Skills you will learn

Construction, Courtesy, Drawing, Illustration, Positioning

About this course

This is the first of three lessons that will cover the Intermediate Construction of the Head. Part 1 will build on from our earlier lessons and go over the Secondary Structures of the Skull, Neck, Forehead, Cheekbones, and Nose. It's recommended you do Part 1 and Part 2 together as one Lesson.

Stock images courtesy of: 
Null Entity Stock

Full Head Drawing Series:
Constructing the Head Part 1
Constructing the Head Part 2
Constructing the Head Part 3

Continue learning with the follow up lessons: 

Figure Drawing Series:
Lesson 1 - Gesture and Construction
Lesson 2 - Dynamic Forms
Lesson 3 - Construction of the Body Parts
Lesson 4 - Proportions  


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