1 hour



Any Level




Jeff Becker

A Step by Step Guide to Knocking Your Next Speech Way Out of the Park!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Students will be able to craft an unforgettable speech.
  • Students will be able to memorize and deliver and impactful, memorable, and inspirational speech.
  • Students will be able to influence the audience into action (this is what speaking's all about)!

    Skills you will learn

    Confidence, Public Speaking

    About this course

    *An easy to understand guide, hosted by Toastmaster's International Speaker of the Year, Jeff Becker.

    *Secrets That the Pros Don't Want You to Know!

    *A Fun and Engaging Way to Build Your Knowledge and Confidence of Public Speaking

    *Gets right to the Point with Incredibly Applicable Tips and Tricks

    *Complete with Downloadable Worksheets That You Can Use For Every Speech You Ever Do Again! 


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