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The complete content is developed in High Quality 3D Animation, that will help you to understand the critical concepts.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Common diseases in human’s amoebiosis and malaria
  • Aids
  • Cancer
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Animal husbandry
  • Tissue culture
  • Role of microbes in household and industrial use
  • Sewage treatment

    Skills you will learn

    Anatomy, Animation, Food, Human Anatomy, Production management, Video

    About this course

    The complete content is developed in High Quality 3D Animations, that will help you to understand the critical concepts which cannot be able to watch in the real world such as REPRODUCTION, HUMAN ANATOMY, MENSTRUAL CYCLE, ETC.

    *The course is directed to the point and restricted to the syllabus nothing less and nothing more, so you will not waste your time, with invaluable speech,

    ·* If you know exactly your syllabus you will appreciate these videos,

    ·* The average video duration is 3 mins so you will not get bored with the course and you can find reasonable points to pause and complete later,

    This Course Covers

    1. Human health and disease
    2. Strategies for enhancement in food production
    3. Microbes in human welfare


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