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Nick Walsh

Learn How To Get Bitcoin, Understand What Blockchain Is, Steemit Cryptocurrency and More

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Talk like an expert about Bitcoin
  • Pass the CBP exam and then add the Certified Bitcoin Professional qualification
  • Understand what Steemit blogging is and how to use the platform
  • Understand what EOS software and cryptocurrency is
  • Buy first bit of Bitcoin on Coinbase or Blockchaininfo
  • Blog on Steemit to get Steem cryptocurrency
  • Apply for a Bitcoin job in programming, sales, marketing, services...
  • Pass the Certified Bitcoin Professional Exam
  • Know what an Altcoin is
  • Know what a Bitcoin wallet is
  • Know what a Cryptocurrency exchange is
  • Know how to convert Bitcoin to fiat
  • Know how to withdraw Bitcoin to fiat to their bank

    Skills you will learn

    Bitcoin, Blockchain, Blogging, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Instagram, LinkedIn, Marketing, Mobile Design, Photography, Professional, Programming, Swift, Travel, Web Design

    About this course

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Just Ask Udemy For A Refund If You Wish.

    Course Updated June 2019 as Bitcoin goes above $11,000 and Facebook announce Libra coin .

    Bitcoin Fundamentals & Bitcoin Jobs & Steemit Are All Taught On This Course!

    You Will Become A Bitcoin Expert .

    Join 45,000+  Successful Students Who I Teach Online. I Am A Certified Bitcoin Professional And Have Passed The CBP Exam! 

    2019 is the year for Cryptocurrency investing whether that is with money or your time blogging to earn cryptocurrencies like Steem. Thousands of ordinary people are getting insane results from Bitcoin and Altcoins like Steem.

    In This Course I Teach You All You Need To Know To Start Using Cryptocurrencies To Fund Your Lifestyle.

    Would you like to learn the quickest and easiest way to get into Cryptocurrency Investing, Steemit, EOS and get a Bitcoin job by passing the BCP Exam? If yes, you will find this Udemy Course is for you!

    This course will teach you how to buy Bitcoin easily and quickly on Coinbase, and Blockchaininfo and how to send your Bitcoin and withdraw fiat. Blogging about what you love on Steemit will be taught and much more, look over my shoulder as I easily teach you exactly what to do to fund the lifestyle you want.

    FOMO Fear Of Missing Out in the crypto boom years? Don't worry see you inside the course you will get the knowledge you need!

    In this course:

    Discover 4 Cryptocurrency Business Skills From One Huge Course! 


    Bitcoin Complete Beginners Course Taught By Myself Nick Walsh a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

    Don't miss out on the enormous Bitcoin and Blockchain eco system and jobs now in cryptocurrency. Easily and quickly get the working knowledge you need in Bitcoin by enrolling now!

    - Do you want a a quick, and easy way to understand Bitcoin?

    - Do you want to get a grasp on what Bitcoin is all about? 

    You'll learn the key concepts  about Bitcoin and Bitcoin, including:

    • What is a cryptocurrency?

    • What are digital tokens?

    • What is a blockchain?

    • What is Bitcoin?

    • How to get started with Bitcoin

    • Bitcoin history

    • Bitcoin how to get some for free

    • Bitcoin rules

    • Bitcoin wallets

    • Bitcoin avoid hackers

    • Bitcoin exchanges

    • Bitcoin rich list

    • Bitcoin major events

    • Bitcoin communities

    • Bitcoin core developers

    • Bitcoin volunteers

    • Bitcoin nodes

    • Bitcoin blocks

    • Bitcoin transactions

    • Bitcoin halving rewards

    • Bitcoin miners

    • Bitcoin cash


    Bitcoin Certified Professional How To Pass The Exam First Time!

    - Do you need to pass the Bitcoin Certified Exam to put on your CV and to quickly learn the key concepts and vocabulary around Bitcoin?

    You will gain Bitcoin mastery from a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

    Discover the questions that come up in the exam.

    Discover where to take the exam online.

    Discover the best resources to prepare for the exam.

    Discover where to look for a Bitcoin job in: marketing, sales, programming, web design, mobile design, 

    Get started today don't waste  a minute get the knowledge today to succeed.


    This Steemit Course Is Fully Up To Date With Steemits Latest Updates!

    Steemit Is A Blogging Platform That Pays You In Steem!

    You can trade the Steem on Cryptocurrency exchanges online or convert it to Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

    How much time do you work unpaid for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,etc? – You post, share and comment and go unpaid! 

    Steemit PAYS You For Doing What You Do On Facebook!

    People just like you are earning hundreds or thousands of dollars for each post they make about life, business, bitcoin, travel, pets, photography etc.

    A post has earned $260.74 for the Steemian called sweetsssj and has 1196 upvotes people have given the story and 339 comments people have made about the story.


    Blockchain EOS - Discover How To Get & Send Eth For Tokens

    Learn The Fastest Way To Participate In The EOS Software Success! 

    This EOS Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications Course Is Fully Up To Date With The Latest EOS Updates!

    In this course I will show you step-by-step how to obtain and evaluate EOS.

    • 30 day money back guarantee.

    • Lifetime updates as we add new lessons as EOS software evolves.


    How to obtain Ether and then how to buy EOS Tokens.

    Learn the current price of EOS tokens.

    How to get your private and public keys for EOS tokens and how to keep them safe.

    How to claim your EOS tokens and when.

    Don't waste a minute get a cryptocurrency education or get recked!

    See you inside the course

    Nick Walsh

    Certified Bitcoin Professional


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