1 hour







Krisztina Rudnay

Strategy, campaigns, email marketing, social media, blogging, entrepreneurship, marketing plan, sales funnels, lead gen

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Sales funnels
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Ads
  • and more

    Skills you will learn

    Blogging, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing, Media, Organization, Social Media, Strategy, Swift

    About this course

    Do you want a quick overview, a few bite-sized marketing tips and strategies?

    Do you have just a few minutes to put together your marketing plan?

    In this course, there are 65 quick marketing strategies, tactics and concepts. If the 1 minute information is not enough, there are 20+ ebooks, articles, downloadable resources and links where you can learn more about the details of the specific topic.

    • How to put together a marketing plan in an afternoon

    • How to make your offer irresistible

    • How to set up your sales funnel

    • Lead generation and Lead Magnets

    • Create compelling campaigns

    • The best email marketing practices

    • How to be better at blogging

    If you are a beginner, and feel overwhelmed with the many marketing blogs and ebooks you read, and still don't have a clear picture in your head - this is a great course to learn everything about marketing - well, a little-bit about everything.

    If you are already a marketer, but just want a quick checklist for your marketing plan, and to be sure you included every important elements, you can use this course just for that!

    Or if you are a business owner who have your own marketing plan, but want to learn some tips you might don't know: the secret ingredients that makes your company so much different than your competitors.

    Enroll now, you don't risk anything: If you are not completely satisfied with the course, you can refund it in 30 days (see Udemy's full policy on it), and you can keep the bonus ebooks and resources.


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