36 mins








Smart Contracts, Oracles, Distributed Ledger, SHA-256 Hashing, Permissioned and Permission-less Blockchain Ledger

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Students will have a solid grasp of Blockchain & Bitcoin terminology and learn about how the technology works.
  • Students will learn about Smart Contracts
  • Students will learn about Hashing in the context of Blockchain

    Skills you will learn

    Bitcoin, Blockchain, Confidentiality, Contracts, Software Development

    About this course

    Hello, this is Mr. Obaidi and I’m here to teach the course “Blockchain and Bitcoin for Beginners” - with over 20 years experience in the combined field of technology, cybersecurity and software development. In this course, we will teach the exciting and revolutionary technologies of Blockchain and Bitcoin. We will breakdown the subject in simple terms to define and explain Bitcon and Blockchain. You will not need any prior experience in Blockchain or Bitcoin. We will start off with Blockchain's Use Cases, followed by real-world examples of how Blockchain is used today to implement Bitcoin. We will then do a deep dive looking at the Blockchain Blocks and what makes up a Blockchain. You will learn about SHA-256 Hashing used in Blockchain. You will learn about how Blockchain nodes can ensure user's Privacy.We will cover how to buy Bitcons with an e-Wallet. We will then cover Permissioned  Vs. Permission-less Blockchains. We will provide real-life examples and cover the important topics of Smart Contracts and Oracles.

    Don't miss this great opportunity to learn and have fun. Come and join us for an amazing learning adventure about Blockchain and Bitcoin - the biggest technological revolution happening today.


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