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Rich Peterson

Using Wordpress, you'll have your own simple, beautiful restaurant website (with menus) up and running in an afternoon.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Build their own hosted Wordpress restaurant website
  • Set up a domain and hosting
  • Install Wordpress
  • Install a restaurant theme

    Skills you will learn

    Feedback, Support, Traffic, WordPress

    About this course

    Are you a restaurant owner who needs their own website but have no idea where to start? Does your website need to be beautiful, simple and include your current menu (whilst making it easy to update your menus when they change)? Tired of trying to use expensive software or not technical enough to custom code a solution?


    In this beginners course, I'll run you through the basics of setting up your own restaurant website using Wordpress.

    We'll look at:

    • Choosing a business name
    • Registering a website name
    • Setting up hosting
    • Installing Wordpress
    • Uploading a custom theme
    • Customising the basic settings

    This course, along with the support you'll receive from your hosting provider and the theme seller, will provide exactly what you need to start your restaurant site today and start being found by more search traffic. I welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you turn your idea into a beautiful, functioning restaurant website!


    Note: The cost of running a full restaurant site is around $110 upfront and as little as $5 per month for hosting. 


    Have I missed a topic you would like covered?

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