1.5 hours







Gary Rosenzweig

Learning basic JavaScript programming while building a simple memory game that can be use on a website.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Students will learn how to place elements on a web page with JavaScript and use them in a simple memory matching game.
  • Students will learn JavaScript basics such as adding items to the page, responding to clicks, storing data in objects, creating and shuffling arrays.
  • Students will learn how to add sounds and a reward when the game is finished.

    Skills you will learn

    JavaScript, jQuery, Programming

    About this course

    In Building JavaScript Games: Matching Game, you will be taken step-by-step through the creation of a simple matching game using only JavaScript. The game will teach you JavaScript concepts such as putting elements on the page, responding to clicks, creating and shuffling arrays, storing data in objects, using game logic, adding sounds, and more.

    This course does not use any special libraries like jQuery. You will be using pure JavaScript that is compatible with all modern web browsers, including mobile browsers. For each lesson, you will be given the source code so you can compare it with your own as you develop the game.

    You also get the final source code and can use it in any web project. The game is highly customizable, allowing you to easily substitute your own graphics, change the size of the puzzle, the sounds, and the win message.


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