9 hours







Randall Nagy

Exploring the C / C++ Commons (GNU C/C++ 1000)

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create programs using Modern C/C++
  • Use GNU C/C++ under Cygwin on Microsot Windows, or natively on Linux / macOS
  • Complete "Common Grounds" Keyword Coverage!

    Skills you will learn

    C# programming, C++ programming, Development, Linux, Mac OS, Programming, UNIX

    About this course

    Modern C and C++ share a rich & common legacy. Often called upon to work with legacy C and /  or C++ code, modern C/C++ software developers need to understand the difference between the two. 

    Part of a three (3) part series, GNU C/C++ For Beginners begins by covering what every new software developer should know. Starting out by focusing upon basic compiler concepts, our keyword-centric approach ensures that no concept will be left behind!

    Using the cross-platform, time-proven GNU tool set, understanding how products such as Cygwin can be used to create standards-compliant, portable software also allows students working on Microsoft Windows to begin to master the Linux / Unix programming world. Covering control flows, functions, pseudo functions, structures, typedefs, argument processing, unions, and even state machines will prepare new students for the GNU C/C++ 2000 training opportunity.


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