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A Training with more technical & practical experience aligned with industry demand.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Civil Engineering from Concept to Completion
  • Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Auto CAD, Civil 3D, Drainage Engineering, Junction Design, Road Safety Audits

    Skills you will learn

    3D Modeling, Auditing, Civil engineering, Communication, Computer Aided Design, Concept Design, Construction, Health and Safety, Microsoft Office, Professional, Quality Assurance, Safety, Traffic, Training

    About this course

    My mission is to provide professionally trained civil engineers for all type of civil engineering services. Increase the supply of efficient highly skilled civil engineers and serve the civil engineering community

    Story of the Course:

    Governments across the Globe are investing enormously on infrastructure project and Civil Engineering Industry is facing acute shortage of skilled resources to meet the current and future demand.

    There is a huge deficiency of civil engineers to meet the future demand. On top of that, rapidly changing technology of design and construction practices, worsen this situation even further. As a result the insufficient supply of civil engineers coupled with insufficient training creates an unhealthy sign for the industry.  

    Insight into the industry- the most fundamental:

    It would be beneficial for new Graduate Engineers to understand the work flow of an infrastructure project from tender to various phases of design to construction including quality assurance process and Health & Safety Regulations.

    Use of Standards:

    Design standards are taught in college and due to lack of practical application on real project, students don’t appreciate the importance of using standards.

    Software Training

    Basic training of most commonly used software such as CAD, Civil 3D, MX Road, MS Office, etc would be very beneficial for the new Graduate Engineers. Setting up layers under CAD standards or using xrefs for multiple aspects or use of Project-wise for project control are generally not taught in colleges.

    3D modelling and BIM are very new technologies in the industry and it would be highly beneficial for students to get some knowledge and develop some skillset in this field.

    Understanding of Collaborative work.

    In today’s environment, multinational companies work using their resources from different part of the globe and extensively use technology to communicate and progress the design stages of a project. 

    Different discipline teams work in many different offices and work collaboratively to develop the design model and deliverable. In this environment, a sound understanding of collaborative working and knowledge of using efficient communication devices and technique is very important. It would be very beneficial for new Graduate Engineers to get this knowledge.

    Understanding of Health and Safety Regulation

    There is a very high importance in the industry to sensitise the work force regarding the safety risk in design, construction and at work place. Employees get training and exposure for this at every levels and sensitisation programme is the top priority of the governments and the industry.  Again some exposure of this through case studies would be beneficial to students. 


    Why to take the course:

    If you are a fresh Civil Engineer or Engineering Student or Civil engineering Professional, this course will offer you exceptional details of Civil Engineering Industry. You can align your career to the most suited discipline as per your area of interest.

    After the course:

    Students completing the course will have full understanding of the work flow of an infrastructure project from Concept Design to Construction including quality assurance process and Health & Safety Regulations.

    The course is simple to follow and understand; all of the resources needed are explained in the course content.


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