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Learn Modelling, Analyze and Design Pipe Racks in STAAD Pro as per AISC 360

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Students will be able to model , analyze and design the Pipe Rack in STAAD Pro
  • They will be able to understand how the steel structures are designed.
  • They will be able to calculate Dead Load, Product Loads, Thermal Loads and Wind Loads as per ASCE 07-10
  • Valuable Resources that they can use in their Regular Design Calculations

    Skills you will learn

    .NET, Building Codes, Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Support

    About this course

    Pipe racks are structures in petrochemical, chemical and power plants that are designed to support pipes, power cables and instrument cable
    trays.The design requirements found in the US building codes are not clear on how they have to be applied to pipe racks.This course summarizes the US design code requirements and industry practice design criteria, design loads and other design consideration for pipe racks that are being followed in the Design offices.

    In this course, your trainer takes you through designing process of pipe racks in the structural engineering software STAAD Pro. Modelling the pipe rack and applying loads  can be a complex and confusing in beginning, but your trainer breaks it  down into bite-sized pieces and teaches it in plain English. No prior experience in STAAD Pro and Steel structures is required to get the most out of  this course.

    You will start with the absolute basics i.e. calculating loads on the pipe racks.Your trainer proceeds step by step through the process of modelling columns, beams, stringers, bracing,applying dead loads, product loads, thermal loads, wind loads.Next, he proceeds further on how to assign the properties to the structural steel members, assigning the releases and supports.Final stage shall be how to analyze and assign the design commands in STAAD Pro. He finish the lecture by explaining how user can check the bending moment, shear forces and reactions in the steel columns.

    What Will I Learn?

    • How to design AISC360,ASCE 07-10 and ACI 318-14 code compliant steel structural pipe racks. 

    Requirements to learn this course

    • A computer with either Windows, Mac with STAAD Pro software installed. 


    You’ve just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth Structural Steel Design for Pipe Rack course online. With almost scarce data available on the net, this comprehensive tutorial cover everything you’ll ever need.

    At the end of this course, You’ll even get a certification of completion to add to your CV.


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