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Learn how to plan and prepare for objections, address customer concerns, reduce the number of objections you encounter

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand What Objections Are all about and Why Customers Must Object
  • How to Overcome Objections
  • How Handle Objections through a Universal Strategy
  • How to Use Specific Strategies to Handle Objections
  • Learn how to Build Credibility with your Clients
  • Manage your First Impression
  • How to overcome “The Competition” objection
  • How to Use your USP to overcome the competition Objection
  • How to identify the most frequent objections you encounter
  • How to develop appropriate responses to handle objections
  • How to disarm objections with proven replies that will get the sale back on track
  • How to recognize when the prospect is ready to buy
  • How working with your sales team can help you overcome objections
  • How to overcome the most frequent objection: The Price Objection
  • Understand the Critical Communications Skills that will lead to less objections and more Closings
  • Understand and use top advice for Active Listening and how it reduces Objections
  • How to become a Better Listener
  • How to use powerful Questions to respond to Objections
  • Understand the Purpose and use of the Clarifying Questions
  • What are Observation Skills and How to Use them to Reduce Objections
  • How to use Customer Complaint to build more Credibility
  • Adopt the right attitude to Handle Customer Complaints
  • How to Set yourself and your company Apart from the competition
  • Some Closing Technics to help you finalize the deal
  • 15 Activities to make you more successful at closing the sale

    Skills you will learn

    Active Listening, Communication, Confidence, Lecturing, Listening, Organization, Pitches, Presentation, Presentation skills, Pricing, Strategy

    About this course

    If you are like most sales professionals, you are always looking for ways to overcome customer objections and close the sale. This course will help you to work through objection effectively. How to plan and prepare to handle and overcome objections so that you can address customer concerns, reduce the number of objections you encounter and improve your averages at closing sales and raise your targets.

    Learn and Master a Comprehensive Approach to Overcome Objections and Nail the Sale.

    • Build Credibility
    • Use Your Competition
    • Master Critical Communication And Observation Skills
    • Handle Customer Complaints to Overcome Objections
    • Overcome And Handle Objections
    • Resolve Pricing Issues
    • Understand the Buying Signals
    • Close the Sale

    Every Salesperson must meet objections. Mastering how to Overcome Objections is a must to close more sales and increase your income.

    Sales professional understand that overcoming objections is a process that starts from the minute you meet the customer or start your presentation. They know it is not just a simple answer to a question or to a negative comments.

    Understanding the process and the factors that build up to manageable objections is a must. It is important that you learn all the elements that you must adopt and practice to get to a situation where objections are overcome easily and the customer goes for the buy.

    A step by step Comprehensive approach to overcoming objections:

    You will start with the most important topic of building credibility. You will learn what affects your credibility and how to establish it with your customer.

    Since there is always the question: Why will I buy from you and not your competitor, you will be guided to understand how to use the competition to even build more credibility.

    The topic of being a good listener is deigned here to give you the important traits of a good listener in a sales environment. It will also lead to how capture and understand complaints and why it is important to deal with complaints and the confidence it creates within your sales pitch.

    How to handle and overcome objections is the core of this course. First you will start by understanding what objections really represents and why they are always a must for the sale to happen.

    When you complete the course you will have the ability to resolve any objection even the most common and dreaded one: The Price Objection.

    With my 30 years of experience in business and sales and with the experience I gained from the Ultimate Results Training Company I own, you are sure to gain a powerful system to handle objection. If not you money back guaranteed.


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