2 hours



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Devansh Varshney

Learn HOW and WHAT is Cloud Infrastructure, SaaS, Paas, DaaS, Idaas, Iaas and learn the platforms like IBM, AWS, Azure.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Knowledge of Cloud Architecture
  • How Public Cloud works.
  • How Private Cloud works.
  • How Hybrid Cloud works.
  • Use of Hypervisor in Cloud.
  • learn about Software as a Service.
  • learn about Platform as a Service
  • learn about Infrastructure as a Service
  • learn about Network as a Service

    Skills you will learn

    Architecture, AWS, Cloud Computing, Lecturing, Microsoft Azure, Presentation, Presentation skills

    About this course

    This is the boot-camp where you learn the complete Cloud Architecture.

    We start from the basic Cloud Definition- What is CLOUD actually and dive into to it steadily.

    Then we will see what are the technologies of Cloud and what are the benefits of Cloud and why everyone is attracting towards it.

    We will also learn HYPERVISOR, Virtual Machine Managers, Statefull and Stateless SERVERS and what are REST Protocols also the Authentication and Security.

    We will also see what Multi-Tier architecture is? 

    1. Presentation Tier 

    2. Business Logic Tier 

    3. Data Tier

    After this all we will understand what Cloud Architecture are?

    1. Public Cloud

    2. Private Cloud

    3. Hybrid Cloud

    4. Community Cloud Model

    The things Cloud offers-

    • SaaS, 
    • Paas, 
    • DaaS, 
    • Idaas, 
    • Iaas  

    We also learn the platforms like IBM, AWS, Azure. and how to work on them.


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