30 mins







Culture Cred

Ryan Tracey

Become a coffee connoisseur in 30 mins.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • An overview of the history of coffee.
  • An explanation of where coffee comes from​.
  • A comparison of the two main types of coffee beans.
  • An explanation of how popular coffee drinks are made.
  • Tips on making better decisions when buying coffee off the shelf or at a cafe.
  • ​Tips on making better decisions when buying a coffee machine.
  • Instructions on how to use and maintain your coffee machine.
  • Tips to taste coffee like a pro.
  • An overview of coffee culture.

    About this course

    This course is for those who enjoy coffee and want to know more about it. A coffee enthusiast leads you through different aspects of coffee, including its history, its origins, types of coffee beans, types of coffee drinks, buying coffee, making coffee, coffee tasting, and coffee culture.

    You will learn where coffee comes from, the differences between Arabica and Robusta beans, and how espresso forms the base of other popular coffee drinks. You will also get tips on buying coffee off-the-shelf or from a café, and also for buying and using a coffee machine.

    The course comprises 11 video lectures and a quiz at the end. The course duration is 30 minutes.

    A digital badge is also available.


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