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Lionheartedart - Isabella Renata

Skills you will learn

Arts, Color Theory, Creativity, Illustration

About this course

Color Theory is a very mentioned theme between artists, considering that colors and contrasts are a really important part of the art process. Colors can reinforce the messages an illustration or design wants to send, and can show emotions on a very particular and subtle - but noticeable - way.

In this class, I'll teach the different aspects of Color Theory, from the pigment basics to the types of contrast and harmonies - and even the different types of the color black! Students will also be able to learn how the color wheel works and how to get the viewers attention to an specific part of the image. I will take students from the theory basics and guide them through the process of understanding colors and their own preferred color palette - and how to apply that to their illustrations or designs.



  • Pigment basics and types of black (chromatic and achromatic)
  • Types of contrasts (color contrast, tone contrast and temperature contrast)
  • Types of harmonies (monochromatic harmony and polychromatic harmony)
  • Color properties and meanings
  • Color Schemes

I’ll guide students from the theory basics to the actual application of these ideas, through the process of understanding how color works and also being able to identify their own preferred type of color palettes and how to successfully create them following the color theory ideas.


This class is geared towards people who like or work with manual art - such as illustrations, designs, letterings, collages - therefore, basic manual skills are recommended for this class - but not necessarily needed, since the only essential skill is creativity and the desire to make an artwork.

The Class Project will consist of making a (simple or complex, the student can choose) illustration or design, understanding the message you want to send and applying Color Theory to it.


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