6 hours







Mario Janssens

Latin American Spanish Course for Beginners.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Correctly build and pronounce basic sentences in Spanish
  • Name hundreds of objects.
  • Use the word 'hay'.
  • Have simple conversations in the Present Tense.
  • Express a gigantic amount of basic activities, such as daily routine activities, personal hygiene activities, household chores, spare time activities, and some emotional and physical states.
  • Conjugate any Spanish verb flawlessly in the Present Tense: regular verbs, stem changing verbs, reflexive verbs, -go, -oy and -zco verbs, completely irregular verbs, and verbs like 'gustar'.
  • Read and analyze simple descriptive texts.
  • Talk about health problems and explain what physical problem you have to a doctor.

    Skills you will learn

    Drawing, Grammar, Hygiene, Illustration, Spanish, Teaching

    About this course

    If you are serious about learning Spanish and you don't know anything yet, this is the course for you. Drawing from five years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners coming to live in South America, the course has been set up in such a way as to tackle all typical problems English speakers have with Spanish.

    It's great if you have at least a notion of grammatical terminology but it isn't necessary for the course. Don't get too hung up on grammar. It's a tool, and as all tools, they're meant to make the work easier.

    In this course you will find many video lessons, overviews, presentations, and a huge amount of practice material. If you work on it every day, you should be able to complete the first level in just one month. Don't sweat it if it takes more than that. Anything you pick up is great, so you should take your time for it. We don't all learn at the same pace.

    There are three levels in the entire course: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This is the first level. When you finish it, you should be able to understand and participate in about 75% of any everyday conversation.


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