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Giorgi Chkheidze

Learn the basics of Georgian language - how to read, write and construct simple dialogues

Expected learning & outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to read and write in Georgian, make simple sentences and engage in dialogues about popular topics.

Skills you will learn

Concentration, Grammar, Video

About this course


  • No previous Georgian knowledge is required


In this course, we have made Georgian language easy to learn. This is a basic course intended for everyone interested in Georgian language, especially, tourists and first-time visitors. 

The Conversational Georgian Made Easy course will give you the tools to communicate with Georgian speakers, ask questions and receive answers on major everyday topics.

This course will teach you Georgian alphabet thoroughly so that you can read and write in Georgian.

Our Method

Instead of focusing on grammar, we focus on useful phrases and dialogues. You will learn how to construct sentences by looking at examples and recognizing patterns. A learner should not expect fluency in Georgian language because this is a basic course, but you will be able to communicate simply and have a strong basis for further improvement if you excel at this course.

Through 49 lectures and 11 quizzes, you will learn essential conversational Georgian alphabet and the language for many everyday situations.

Course Bonuses:

You will have all-time access not only to video lectures and quizzes, but also to downloadable and ready-to-print PDF's that you can study while watching videos and grasp the patterns in Georgian language.

You will also have direct access to your course tutor to get an answer to any questions you may have.

See you inside the course!

Target Audience

Beginner and intermediate learners


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