1 hour







Davidson Julot

Learn to Make games with one of the most popular Game Engine on the market.

Expected learning & outcomes

After taking this course, students will feel comfortable with using Unity 3D game engine, and will be well on their path to becoming a game designer/ developer.

Skills you will learn

Development, Graphic Design

About this course

Greetings everyone, my name is Davidson Julot. I'm an artist and Game developer. I hold a bachelor degree in Chemistry but after college I found my self more focused in Game development and graphic design.

In this course I will guide you into making your first Game with Unity 3D. You'll learn about the interface, and will get a brief look on importing assets, creating a terrain Environment. You'll learn to Placing your game objects in the scene and get them moving. You'll design an amazing game, Export it to your PC and share it with the world. 


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