4.5 hours



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Crypto Trader in one week

Expected learning & outcomes

  • cryptocurrency trading
  • bitcoin trading
  • automatic bitcoin trading
  • basics of trading charts and patterns

    Skills you will learn

    Analysis, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Securities, Trading, Willing to Learn

    About this course

    If you are willing to learn the best and the easiest way to get into crypto trading and make profit out of it, then you should enroll into this course.

    This course is dedicated to teach you to get into crypto, get your day trading going while you predict the market. The strategies that you learn here can also be applied in stock market or Forex.

    During, December 2017 the Cryptocurrency market sky rocketed to the 20000 USD. But then it fell very badly. All the people who use to do the Technical analysis already knew that this hitting of 20000 USD was not suppose to happen. So, they took out the money before which helped them falling into the dump trap and was in profit. While a lot of people lost money in the process.

    These things are mostly not random but they happen with specific reasons and those signs are already shown in charts.

    We are experienced trader of Cryptocurrencies that had no financial or trading background when we got into Cryptocurrency. Initially we have made mistake and experienced heavy losses, but these losses taught us a lot and now we feel this has put us in the best place to teach you how to avoid doing the same.

    In this course, you will go from beginner to advanced in Cryptocurrency trading! Whether or not you are a beginner or a master, you will certainly learn something from this course

    As mentioned previously, you will learn the ways to predict cryptocurrencies that can rise in price and capitalise on the profits.

    You can apply these strategies into other fields like stocks, securities, forex then it is plus for you guys.

    So start trading now and save the amount for your retirement. Who knows you can get the "F*** U Money"


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