3.5 hours



Any Level




Muhammad Hamza AbdulRehman

Concepts and coding of various data structures and algorithms like Trees, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Sorts and many more

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Linear and Non-linear Data Structures
  • Non-linear Data Structures like Trees, Binary Search Trees
  • Algorithms like Selection Sort and Insertion Sort with visual description of working of these algorithms
  • Data Structures like Linked lists, stack, Queue, Array, 2D Arrays, BST.
  • Grip over multiple data structures and algorithms.

    Skills you will learn

    Algorithms, C# programming, C++ programming, Coding, Concentration

    About this course

    This course Data Structures and Algorithms focus on building concepts of students in this domain.
    Data Structures like Trees, Linked list and others are explained in depth so that students have better understanding of these topics and coding lectures are helpful in getting depth understanding.

    Coding lectures beside graphical explanation in this course make it easier to understand things.

    Algorithms are explained and coded so that students learn better.

    So this course is for students who want to learn in fun and easy way, and get understanding of things in Data Structures and Algorithms.


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