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Kai-Uwe Stahl

Established and Easy-to-Implement Recommendations from Static PowerPoints to Interactive Dashboards

Expected learning & outcomes

  • This course is for the participants to gain an overview of the most important and impactful rules for good Information Design and Dashboarding. Adhering to these rules, we provide real customer examples and specific cases where see the rules are being implemented in practice.
  • By the end of the course our participants will be able to design presentations and dashboards based on state-of-the-art Data Visualization Concepts. The course structure is based on our Data Visualization Poster which is available for download.
  • This method combines online education with a physical format. You can place the poster in your office for visual memory and to motivate your colleges to also take advantage of the contents.

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Data visualization, Reporting

    About this course

    Data visualization is the key for making abstract data visible. However, it is no rocket science and anyone can learn how to do it. When heeding certain principles and adapting recommendations carefully, any target audience will be convinced about the great possibilities data visualization is offering. 

    In this course you will learn about the most important and impactful rules for good for Information Design and Dashboarding. Thus, getting a better understanding of how state-of-the-art reporting and dashboarding works. 

    You will learn how to optimize your presented information in order to making the communicated content easier to understand. Numerous implemented customer examples will round off the course.


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