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Specific aspects of Data Warehouse Development Process

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand various stages in Data Warehouse development process
  • Various processes like Waterfall model, V model and Agile methods
  • Specific aspects of Data Warehouse development process
  • Importance of the various phases and the practicality of each phase
  • Overview of various issues and Project Management issues to be considered in the Data warehouse and Business Intelligence projects

    Skills you will learn

    Agile, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Development, Finance, Project Management, SDLC

    About this course

    Data is the new asset for the enterprises. And, Data Warehouse store the data for better insights and knowledge using Business Intelligence. Development of an Enterprise Data Warehouse has more challenges compared to any other software projects because of the 

    • Challenges with data structures
    • The way data is evaluated for it's quality
    • Complex business rules/validations
    • Different development methods (various SDLC models like Water Fall model, V model, Agile Model, Incremental model, Iterative model)
    • Regulatory requirements for various domains like finance, telecom, insurance, Retail and IME
    • Compliance from third party governing bodies
    • Extracting data for various visualization purposes

    In this course, we talk about the specific aspects of the Data Warehouse Development process taking real time practical situations and how to handle them better using best practices for sustainable, scalable and robust implementations.


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