30 mins







Kaden Feldmesser

Get groovy with the Google Cloud Platform and deploy the basics of a web-server on it, specifically Apache, MySQL & PHP

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Deploy a Linux Virtual Machines within the Google Cloud Platform
  • Point an owned domain name to Google Cloud Platform via its nameservers
  • Login to a Virtual Machine using Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Install Apache, MySQL and PHP on your Virtual Machine
  • Edit a basic index HTML holding page
  • Route a domain name to the Virtual Machine

    Skills you will learn

    Google Cloud Platform, Google+, HTML, Linux, MySQL, PHP, Shell

    About this course

    This course will cover the basics of setting up a popular web-server using the notorious Google Cloud Platform. This is intended for beginners and intermediate users as it covers some essentials without getting too nerdy (i.e. all through the command line like a pro!).

    Basic web terminology will be used throughout the course, but I will attempt to provide a basic understanding of each as we progress, although any knowledge of internet protocols will certainly assist you.

    The course should take you roughly an hour to complete and no more than 2 hours in total, this however does not take into account domain name propagation.

    The course is structured in the most simplified step-by-step manner to ensure that you get the end result and can repeat it with ease thereafter.

    Taking this course will provide you with the basics required to get things done with the super awesome Google Cloud Platform. 


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