1.5 hours







Shannon Andrews

Make your own skin products, hair products, deoderants and more.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn to read ingredient labels more efficiently
  • Identify harmful chemical ingredients
  • Understand what safe ingredients are
  • Choose the appropriate ingredients for their product
  • Learn some basic recipes that they can tweak for your own use
  • Use a basic recipe for our recipe book

    Skills you will learn

    Food, Hygiene, Lecturing, Presentation, Presentation skills, Recipes, Video

    About this course

    Danger looms in most of the products we buy off the shelves. Being aware of this is only half the battle. Everyone says "They say everything out here will kill you!" Think about why this is so. Have you ever read the ingredients on your favorite product. If you can't pronounce something on it or there is a big long word with a lot of syllables in it, chances are it's not something healthy. 

    This doesn't just go for in our food. It is in the topically applied products as well. Allergies, infections, cancers and auto-immune diseases are prevalent. The lies out there state that that they are close to the cure. The truth is, the cure is already here but its a big money game and you are the one they are making the money on.

    Be diligent about the products you use. Learn what to watch for. Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe.

    I have taught this class a few times in a classroom setting at my office. We always have a load of fun doing. I am now transferring it to an online version.   The only difference is that the practical part will be in the video presentation. Where we usually make a single natural product in class like a lotion or toothpaste, we will be now giving you at least four videos on different products that you can make or modify to your own needs. I also used to teach this class in two parts. But now I am incorporating all the recipes into one large chapter of recipes.

    In this course you will learn;

    • What these harmful products can do to you. 
    • What products commonly carry harmful ingredients
    • What some of the main harmful ingredients are, what they are used for and how they can negatively affect us.
    • Good base ingredients to make homemade products from
    • A basic Recipe
    • 4 basic types of products including: toothpaste, hairspray, lotion bars and deodorant
    • A recipe book to start you off and allow you to mix and match and create you own versions from.

    The ideal student;

    • Is a health conscious student
    • Wants to know what to watch for in purchasing the products.
    • Wants to know how to replace their current products with homemade versions
    • Is looking for healthy alternatives to what is out there.

    I look forward to meeting you inside.


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