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Colin Bradley Art

Ideal for beginners. Learn how to use pen and ink then colour using Watercolor Pencils and apply a wash.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How To Use Watercolour Pencils to colour a cottage
  • How to use pen and ink to create a bold drawing
  • How to apply a watercolour wash over the pencils

    Skills you will learn

    Drawing, Illustration

    About this course

    In this course, you'll learn how I use Pen and Ink and Watercolor Pencils. I like to ink the outline with a fine pen to create boldness within the picture.

    Here's what we'll cover in the videos:

    1. First we'll start off with our outline drawing (provided).

    2. Then we'll fill in some details with pencil and go over the outline in pen (this step is optional, I like to do this :-)

    3. I'll then show you how to use Watercolor pencil techniques to colour the picture

    4. We'll then apply a wash over the picture to show how to bring out and deepen the colours (another optional step, you don't have to wash the picture if you already like the outcome)

    I designed the course so that you can jump in at any stage - providing 2 different outlines if you want to jump straight into the coloured pencil portion.

    These outlines can be printed straight to paper so you don't need to draw free hand!

    Watercolor pencils are a very versatile medium, often I don't choose to wash the pictures as they already provide such good results on their own!

    If you want to learn how I use Pen and Ink and Watercolor Pencils then this course is for you.


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