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Will Wong

Video Tutorials, Complete Notes and Sufficient Exercises with solutions

Expected learning & outcomes

  • The concepts of scalars and vectors
  • The notations of vectors, magnitude of vectors, zero vectors, negative vectors and unit vectors
  • The operations and properties of vectors
  • The representation of vectors in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional spaces
  • The formula of division of a line segment

    Skills you will learn

    Mathematics, Video

    About this course

    In this course, I will teach M2 Ch18 Introduction to Vectors

    • This course is designed for HKDSE Mathematics (M2) Examination. 
    • 課程專為香港中學文憑試數學科(選修部份單元二)設計。
    • This course will provide short videos, notes and sufficient exercises with solution. 
    • 課程提供教學短片、筆記、充足練習及題解。
    • The medium of instruction is Cantonese. 
    • 教學語言為廣東話。
    • All materials are written in English.
    • 所有教材以英語寫成。
    • If you have any inquires, please don’t hesitate to email or message me. 
    • 如果你有任何問題,可以以電郵或傳訊給我。

    My email:


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