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Create amazing Excel charts to make better Excel reports, presentations and dashboards in under 1 hour

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Apply these Excel chart skills to their own reports, dashboards and presentations
  • Be able to create sparkline charts, thermometer charts, before and after effect charts and text based charts
  • Be confident in using Excel charting techniques for the topics covered in the lectures

    Skills you will learn

    Reporting, Support

    About this course

    Please note:

    This courses content is also used as part of our 35 hours Excel course. If you are an enrolled student of the latter, please do not buy this individual course since the content will be the same. If you are not a student of the latter mentioned course and decide to buy this sub-individual course, please note this courses content is repeated in certain parts of our 35 hours Excel course. 

    Want to learn how to make great charts in very little time (no matter what your skill level?)

    Want to know how to make those Excel reports even more better?

    Then take our short Udemy course in Excel charts.

    This Udemy Excel course is great if you want to add charts to the following:

    • Presentations – Dazzle your clients!

    • Reports- Make your reports more meaningful and clearer

    • Dashboards- Most of these charts can be adapted to include in dashboards

    This course teaches you how to create charts in Excel to illustrate your work! Super handy charts! With this course you will learn how to:

    • Make charts which show before and after changes

    • Create mini sparkline charts –perfect for Excel dashboards!

    • Learn the secret to why 3D charts are so bad

    • Create thermometer charts

    • Create super easy text based charts

    Like with all our Udemy Excel courses made by us (Mach 42 Productions), full support is given via the discussion forums, all the workbooks are available for download and all lectures are full English CC enabled.

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