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ajay parmar

In-depth study of arrays from basic level to extreme advance

Expected learning & outcomes

you will learn the use of powerful arrays not just in simple codes but also practically in our excel projects how and why do we use it. You will learn arrays combination with loops and if functions to do complex tasks and things next to impossible.

Skills you will learn


About this course

  • What are arrays . Why we use them? Why they are so powerful and holds so much weight-age in VBA learning.

  • What is their by-default index system and how we can change it using option base. 

  • What are static and dynamic arrays. 

  • how to use arrays with VBA loops and if functions . They work like magic together. 

  • What is the use of preserve word in arrays and how we can 

  • Complete tutorial with in-depth discussion.

  • How to use split function in arrays and what are the key things to be taken care while using split in arrays

  • Questions discussed from vba interview perspective as well.

  • As usual- Assignments are also added to give you confidence and to check the progress.

  • how to use dim or Redim statements . their real use in projects. How to use variable value in arrays and what is the purpose of using them in arrays.

  • How to use split function ,one of the best function we can use in arrays. How arrays work under split function.

  • How option Base-1 works for arrays created by split function.

  • What is the use of preserve word in arrays and how we can use it to hold the values. What happens if we do not use them.How and where we use them . Complete discussion on its use.

  • For more understanding on arrays tutorial we are discussing amazing Projects. Only for you. In-depth discussion.


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