4 hours



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Jill Lebeau

Michelle Dwyer

A Powerful Way to Manifest Unlimited Joy, Abundance, Success and Love

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Four+ hours of high-energy, inspiring videos to guide you through the four steps to rapidly transform your life
  • Use the Five Element Quiz with 100 self-assessment questions to reveal your strengths and challenges that pertain to each of the elements and their energies.
  • Discover the essential qualities of each of the five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—through detailed and lively discussions, examples, and explanations that apply to your mind-body-spirit.
  • Apply the qualities of the elements to your own life so that you learn how to align your thoughts with these elemental energies, strengthen your ability to envision your dreams, and position yourself for success
  • Engage in a variety of Fun Feng Shui Fixes in each section to give you practical steps to embody the concepts along the way.
  • Experience the insights and expertise of two holistic professionals with decades of experience guiding people to achieving the life of their dreams.

    Skills you will learn

    Coaching, Confidence, Consulting, Nutrition, Positioning

    About this course

    Instead of feeling stuck in old patterns where nothing ever changes, imagine a world in which you can create your every heart’s desire with ease, joy and a good dose of laughter! Through this course you will reconnect with your power to transcend fear, doubt, judgment, hopelessness, negativity and regret. By tapping into your mind-body-spirit connection and the infinite wisdom of Feng Shui, you will discover your unlimited capacity to create optimal health; abundant wealth and prosperity; juicy, loving relationships; career success; clear life purpose; clarity and confidence in yourself; and unconditional self-love.

    Learn How Easy it is to Generate Maximum Success Through Minimal Effort in Every Area of Your Life.

    • Apply the timeless principles and practices of Feng Shui to harness the power of the mind-body-spirit connection to create your reality
    • Recognize your inner fountain of youth, your body’s wisdom and innate healing capacity for optimal wellness and vibrancy
    • Reclaim your freedom to create the life you love, no longer at the mercy of any external situation, person, place or past experiences
    • Leverage your energy and power to move through life with ease, balance, grace, enthusiasm and love
    • Receive the benefit and insight of TWO dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate, interactive, experienced instructors with a gift for make learning fun and high-vibrational.

    We offer a simple, proven, four-step process to apply the ancient technique of Feng Shui to the mind, body and spirit that will transform your life.

    In just four easy steps--declutter, envision, position and attract--you will discover how to harmonize your energy with the energy of nature and elements. And the results are amazing! Doors open, opportunities arise, and life feels truly magical!

    Through our easy, fun, simple practices, you will feel the shift from stressed to blessed--right away! Our course is a mixture of practical and easy steps, irreverent humor, joy and play, and divine wisdom. Experience immediate value from the expertise of two dynamic, high-energy holistic professionals, with decades of experience, who are totally passionate about guiding people to greater joy, abundance, success and love:

    Jill Lebeau (MS, MFT)—author, spiritual psychotherapist, and inspirational speaker—is on a mission to teach as many people as possible to live with a peaceful, loving mind and an open heart, where they’re free to tap into their greatest asset: the boundless wisdom, power and love of their true nature.

    Michelle Dwyer (MS, CNC)—holistic health coach and certified nutrition consultant—loves to guide people to personal transformation and experience greater wellness, energy and vibrancy, and she empowers people to create optimal health in all aspects of their lives.

    What Makes This Course Amazing:

    • Tap into the unlimited power of nature as our teacher, revealing the unlimited power you have within your true nature
    • Experience the thrill of living out your life’s purpose by creating an empowered, joyful, conscious life
    • Raise your vibration, in each moment, through using your mind-body-spirit connection to accelerate and proactively manifest your deepest desires
    • Create authentic connection on every level—within yourself, with others, with nature, with your divine spirit

    Think of the four steps as your magic wand! Following the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, this course is designed to help you clear away the old crap that is no longer serving you by decluttering any low-energy patterns, freeing you to envision the highest possibilities for your life, and then positioning the super-powers of the elements to attract all the wonderful opportunities that await you.


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