8.5 hours







Kim Marcel Friedrich

Hardstyle Tutorial - How to make a Raw Hardstyle Kick

Expected learning & outcomes

  • You will learn how to make a Rawstyle/Hardstyle kick
  • You will learn the process of making a Kick
  • You will learn how you can create the Kicklayers out of a simple 909 Kick
  • You will learn how you can create a Punch out of a 909 Sample, Toms, Snares and Crashes

    Skills you will learn

    Production management

    About this course

    I recommend to have already a basic knowledge about FLStudio, or any other DAW you are going to use to follow my tutorial.

    This tutorial is just about kick making!

    I start with a simple 909 Kick Sample and use distortion, equalizing and reverb on it to reach a Hardstyle/Rawstyle kick.

    You will learn a technique to create a Hardstyle/Rawstyle kick out of a 909 Sample and FL Stock Plugins

    You will get two different 909 Kick sample and ofcourse my own project I've made while I worked on the tutorial.


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