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MusicProfessor Online Music Lessons

Master freakish Flute performance skills along with a professional on-screen ensembleanytime, anywhere.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Shape your concept of sound
  • Strengthen your embouchure
  • Develop proficiency in rhythm and style
  • Conquer technique, dexterity and range
  • Execute precise control over dynamics and phrasing
  • Master all 12 major scales, forward and backwards
  • Become an expert sight reader
  • Push your articulation abilities to new levels
  • Comfortably play in unique time signatures like 5/8 and 7/8
  • Blend in perfectly with any size ensemble

    Skills you will learn

    Concentration, Library, Music, Organization, Professional, Troubleshooting, Video

    About this course


    Pro Series is a revolutionary, self - directed practice system featuring an extraordinary set of instrument-specific, interactive video lessons.

    Set in three phases, Pro Series is the most comprehensive musical instruction ever produced for the advanced musician in a contemporary video setting.

    Throughout Pro Series, we constantly remind you to hit the Back or Pause buttons to work out a tough spot in the music. To begin, we recommend the Watch This First, where you will find a brief lesson (also called Watch This First) that covers the basics of the Pro Series curriculum. The Toolkit contains a series of video featurettes covering instrument-specific tips and tricks You can also refer to Total Scales at the end of the course, the ultimate major and minor scale-building workout.


    • 6+ hours of content
    • Downloadable sheet music
    • Technique-building exercises
    • Comprehensive Major and Minor scales and scale exercises
    • Troubleshooting tips and advice
    • Music Theory 
    • Flute equipment recommendations

    MusicProfessor and Pro Series curriculum is used in nearly 100 schools and school districts throughout the United States and by more than 18,000 students and music teachers throughout the world. Nowhere else can you find the level of detail and professional instruction of our curriculum.

    Fulfill your musical destiny by enrolling today!


    "I like the fact that you can easily navigate back to a section to work on it again (something I will probably do for a couple of exercises). Having a snippet played by the first chair before playing as a group helped. Having something were you can easily go back and listen to a few tips at home is definitely a plus. So far I like the system!"

    Student, Mount Dora High School

    "Very nice! I like the focus on tone quality. I like how the lessons build up in difficulty and how by the last few exercises I actually have to stop and go through some rhythms a few times to perfect them. The conductor is great, he gets across a lot of helpful information while also being enjoyable to listen to."

    Student, Colonial High School

    "When my students tested Pro Series, they had extremely favorable reactions as to how much they learned, how much they were assisted in acquiring that knowledge, and how much their existing skills were supported. Pro Series is an excellent reinforcement for all those musical aspects that we want our students to have—to study—when we are not with them."

    Cynthia Berry, Past President, Florida Bandmasters Association


    MusicProfessor is pleased to now offer Pro Series Guided Practice lessons as part of video library. “Pro Series” is a revolutionary, self - directed practice system featuring an extraordinary set of instrument-specific, interactive video lessons and is designed for the more advanced and aspiring musician.

    At the heart of Pro Series is a group of top educators and talented musicians just like you: dedicated to making the best music we know how, and we’re both proud and excited to share our hard work with you. The Pro Series curriculum was guided but a team of music educators; Flute Pro Series reflects the additional guidance of Kelly Crotts.


    This course has been provided by MusicProfessor, an online music education company.


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