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Dawid Tuminski

Skills you will learn

Branding, Editing, Feedback, Graphic Design, Microsoft Word, Professional

About this course

"Thanks a lot for sharing valuable information about what we can do with MS Word"

Welcome to the second part of the Graphic Design Freelancing A-Z course: How to create a client brief.

If you want to show your clients that you are a professional graphic design freelancer, you need to be professional from start to finish.

And it’s best to start your relations with your clients with a professionally looking client brief.

So in this project you will learn

  • How to create a professional client brief
  • How to make it interactive
  • How to add your branding to it
  • And How to protect it from some unauthorized editing

Your client brief will be your first piece of feedback you will get from your client it is essential to make it both professional and usable.

So enroll in the class and  let’s get started!


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!


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