1 hour







Eden Rebora

An easy and progressive way to learn the basics of French grammar online.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand and master the basics of French grammar
  • Be introduced to French nouns and how they work
  • Know the difference between French articles and when to use them
  • Know how to say different countries in French
  • Use French adjectives in a description

    Skills you will learn

    French, Grammar

    About this course

    The French language can sometimes be very confusing to new learners, especially if you decide to learn it by yourself. 

    This course will introduce you, step by step, to the basics of French grammar. It contains clearly narrated videos in English, as well as articles and also  exercises to check the acquired skills after each lesson. 

    I will be guiding you through several topics such as :

    • French nouns
    • French articles (definite, indefinite and partitive)
    • The letter H in French
    • Prepositions of place 
    • How to say different countries in French
    • French adjectives and how they are used

    This course is for beginners and is entirely in English


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