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Learn French Online

Reading Rules Made Easy. The most complete guide for beginners in French Language. 5% of theory, 95% of practice (HD)

Expected learning & outcomes

  • start reading words and simple sentences in French in less than 2 hours
  • no more common mistakes that most beginner students make
  • a structured understanding of rules & a lot of practice
  • quick progress in any beginner French Language Course
  • A detailed CHEAT-SHEET WITH LETTERS AND SOUNDS explained in the course
  • UPDATED JULY 2019: instructor's feed-back about your results in the Final Reading Test

    Skills you will learn

    Artificial Intelligence, Book Writing, C# programming, C++ programming, Feedback, French, Planning, Swift, Teaching, Transcription, Writing

    About this course

    The Ultimate How-To-Read Guide in for all beginners in French Language. Part 1.

    Most textbooks in French Language for beginners don't include a detailed section on phonetics. That is why I created this short and complete guide for all beginners in French. To build it I have used my more than 15-years experience in teaching French Language to students all over the world and my own e-learning experience.

    This course is an online version of a French Language Phonetic Course I used to teach as a university lecturer. The university course lasted about 2 months. The online version takes about 3 hours. The amount of information is almost the same.

    This course is:

    • short: Part 1 is completed in about 1 hour, Part 2 - in 2about  hours.

    • easy-to-follow: simple explanations, practical activities, quizzes, reminders

    • progressive: each lesson is about a new topic, so every 2-3 minutes you learn a new rule and practice a new sound

    • not overwhelming: step-by-step approach and short videos (1-3 minutes)

    • complete: the course covers and resolves all difficulties a student might face at the beginner level (A1) 

    • multi-purpose: whatever French Language Course you are attending or planning to attend, the French Phonetics 101 is a must-have basis for your quick progress in reading, speaking and writing.

    • HD quality: high quality sound and image

    • feedback guaranteed: I am open to all your questions. If you don't find the answer in this course, just ask. Your progress is my concern.

    • 100% practical: you listen and you read from the first to the last class. I just don't give you any other choice but to progress.

    This is Part 1 of the French Phonetics 101. The second part is coming while you are completing this one.

    Part 1 covers:

    • letters and sounds

    • basic rules of French pronunciation

    • accents: é, à, û

    • vowels a, e, i and their combinations ei, ai

    • consonants b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l and their combinations ch, gn

    • reading simple words and sentences you can use in your every-day life

    To be discovered in Part 2:

    • nasal sounds

    • vowels o, u, y, w and their combinations

    • consonants m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, x, z and their combinations

    • reading simple words and sentences you can use in your every-day life

    • understanding transcription symbols


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