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Megan M Brauner

AKA: How to raise funds for an amazing organization without annoying your friends!

Expected learning & outcomes

Build and execute a successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

Skills you will learn


About this course

It seems like everyone is fundraising these days.

Whether you’ve just signed up for your first fundraising walk-a-thon, are considering a crowdfunding campaign to bring your record-producing dreams to life, or just want to know that it’s possible to raise funds for a good cause WITHOUT annoying your friends - this class is for you!

Join long-time fundraiser and teacher Megan Brauner as she breaks down the components of a friends and family fundraising campaign into manageable, bite-sized pieces that leave you AND your donors feeling happy and excited to be part of a meaningful, world-changing opportunity.

Learn tips for raising funds quickly, efficiently and professionally with minimal ick.  
At the end of this class you will have

  • a robust list of potential donors,
  • a plan for how best to communicate with each of them, and
  • a fundraising letter that can be personalized and updated for each of your donors

We’ll touch on emails, events, and why teenagers really ARE the best fundraisers in existence.


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