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Elaine Heney

Grow your business and get your life back.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Find, hire and train an AMAZING VA
  • Free up your time to do whatever you want - sit on a beach or grow your business even more!

    Skills you will learn

    Development, Keyword Research, Market Research, Publishing, Quality Assurance, Reporting, Research, Software Quality Assurance

    About this course

    So you started making iPhone apps. You hired a great developer and a talented artist. You have published some apps and you are now sipping a cocktail on a beach in San Diego right? WRONG! You are now realising that there is a TON of work to do to keep publishing apps on a regular basis..

    Created by Chocolate Lab Apps, publisher of over 180 apps and games with #1s in over 50 countries in the past 12 months, this course walks you through the entire VA process.

    - You need to do market research for new app ideas

    - You need to get your artist started on new game ideas, app icons and screenshots

    - You need to create a million SDK IDs and send these to your developer for EVERY new game!

    - You need to dream up new app keywords, app descriptions and set up ITC. Worse again it always takes you at LEAST an hour to make your screenshots and uploading them to ITC can take DAYS..............

    - Then there is app QA, tracking, more market research, reviews to do..... the list is endless.

    - Then there is all the other little stuff you haven’t had time to get around to....

    The problem is you are working IN your business and not ON your business.

    If you can outsource all of this repetitive day to day app work, you will get:

    - MORE work done

    - Have more FREE TIME (need to catch up with friends or family you haven’t seen in a while?!)

    - Grow your business faster

    This course is designed to help someone who has some apps already published, to hire the right VA to make your life about a thousand times easier.

    We will show you:

    - Why you need a ROCKSTAR VA

    - When you need to outsource

    - WHAT a VA can do for your business and your life

    - Where you can find an amazing VA

    - Sample REAL LIFE ads and replies

    - The BEST WAY to filter potential applicants

    - How much you should pay

    - How to train your VA with indepth real life outsourcing kit

    - The options for a fulltime or a part-time VA


    - VA Introduction Template

    - Game Category Research Template

    - Keyword Research Template

    - Mobile Games VA Task List

    - Artist's Game Info Template

    - ITC Metadata Template

    - Guide to using ITC for VAs

    - SDK IDs Template

    - ITC VA Checklists

    - VA Keywords Templates

    Learn how to find and hire the right VA for your business and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!


    Get started on your APP ADVENTURE today!

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    Still curious?

    Check us out at the Chocolate Lab Apps blog.


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